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Måneskin Makes History in Rome

Last Saturday (07/09), Måneskin performed one of the band´s most important concert at Circo Massimo in Rome. The stadium has the capacity for 70.000 people and tickets were all sold out.

The show was announced in July 27th 2021, when Måneskin was awarded with the “Lupa Capilona” by the City of Rome. This award honors prominent citizens. The show was announced almost a year before the band’s performance, and the sold out was officially registered on April 04th.

Who could ever expect that 3 guys and a girl, who used to busk on the streets of Rome, would sold out Circo Massimo years later? Gratitude is evident in one of the band’s post:

“70.000 hearts beating as one. 70.000 faces among which family and lifetime friends. The streets of Rome have been our first stage, our very first achievement. Everything started here. So these really are the eyes and hands of the people who trusted us from the very beginning and it feels so good to give back. Rome is our home and breath and yesterday night we felt it more than ever. Grazie Roma”

Some anxious fans queued the whole night to get a good view of the show. Others were caught by hot temperatures close to 40° celsius the following day, and were rescued by security guards with water hoses.

But it was worth waiting as the show was spectacular for Måneskin’s audience: two stages, cinematographic big screens, drones, two hours and half with no feats, 24 songs with introductions and extensions, acoustic setting, an unreleased song and unexpected returns for the setlist - like Morirò da Re.

Moments before performing, Måneskin’s met Angelina Joolie and her daughter, Shiloh, on the backstage. Soon, their presence got viral in social media, showing the excitement of Shiloh with the songs and Angelina´s joyful reaction while watching the band´s performance with her daughter.

The band talked briefly about the backstage meeting:

During the acoustic set, by Damiano and Thomas, in the second stage, they sang some of the fans favorite songs, like “Torna a casa” and “VENT’ ANNI”. Damiano, then, finishes the two songs and announces the third:

“Now, this is gonna be a very personal moment because you´ll listen for the first time to [interrupted by the audience hysteria] you don’t even know what it is! It could be ‘Thomas burp’ for the first time...oh, I ruined that, shit. Let’s talk seriously, now. We´ve decided to let you hear, for the first time, a live song that doesn’t have a title and it isn’t finished yet, it’s a demo and we like it a lot.”

Check out the brand new single “Trastevere” here:

Besides taking part in the concert, the fans were asked to collect their trash and water bottles and return them to special collector agents at the end of the show. Corriere della Sera stated that almost 200 thousand plastic bottles and 10 tons of trash were taken to recycling fields and some other sections, by more than 30 special collecting vehicles.

It was a high quality and very sustainable concert. Concerning capacity and demand - all the 16 shows of the band in Italy next year are sold out already, with scheduled dates and large capacity for each one -, but the question is: are the next tours going to be on Italian stadiums?


Words: Juliana Galvão

Translator: Marina de Castro Mahs

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