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Welcome to Portal Måneskin Brasil, the first fansite entirely dedicated to news, translations and updates about the band worldwide.

Created by a fan passionate about Italian music, thePortal Måneskin Brasilwas born on the 25th of May 2021, two days after Måneskin's performance atEurovision Song Contest.At the time, one could not imagine the dimension that the band would take worldwide and, little by little, a saga of admiring and die-hard fans began to arrive for the family.loud kids.

In the second half of 2021, Måneskin began to attract great attention from the general Brazilian public and Portal Måneskin Brasil gained thousands of followers on social networks - especially on Twitter.

With a greater number of accesses on a national and international scale, the need arose to increase the team, and today the Portal has 11 collaborators responsible for different functions, working day and night to find, translate, organize, catalogue, research, explain and report the main themes related to the career of the members of the band Måneskin.

With the growth of the page, we had the opportunity to establish brief partnerships withWarner Bros PicturesandLolja, and raffles of original products - such as the"Teatro D'Ira - Vol. 1".

The expansion of the fan club, in 2022, started with the partnership with Måneskin HQ, now calledGallery Måneskin and, together, we created the first complete and high quality gallery dedicated to the band - attached to the main website.

The Gallery, in turn, was born from the spontaneous idea of distributing high quality photos of the band among fans and admirers and making them accessible. The gallery administrators are directly part of the Måneskin Portal, making legal access to images possible for all those who follow the band.


Currently, our team has eleven employees from different regions of Brazil, and also from abroad:

  • Juliana Galvao

  • Brasilaine Martins

  • Bruna Brito

  • Helena Fernandes

  • Anaïs

  • Gabriele N.

  • Marina Pagot

  • Jonnas

  • Nelice de Nalle

  • Gabriella Mozart

gallery måneskin

  • Nelice de Nalle --------------------------------------------------  Galeria

  • Gabriella Mozart -------------------------------------------------  Galeria

  • Tany Morais ------------------------------------------------------  Galeria

The work at Portal is completely supportive, done from fan to fan on a daily basis, and none of the members have direct contact with the band members or the team behind the artists. All content published on the Portal is carefully chosen to respect the privacy and explicit wishes of Måneskin members.

* - Former members Alana Amorim and Julia Martins are no longer part of the team, to whom we will always be grateful for their support and care for all of us.

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