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Trajectory: Summer Tour (2021)

Since winning the Eurovision Song Contest, Måneskin's schedule has become crazy, and they practically haven't stopped at any time.

With revealed compromises after the victory, the publicity tour for Europe now had its itinerary perfectly scripted with the achievement of this so-important step. Unlike many people think, it wouldn't be the first time Måneskin would go around Europe: in 2019, the european part of the tour “Il Ballo Della Vita Tour” included Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom.


📌 • June, Germany.

The first stop for our rockstars turned out to be Germany, for a hitherto secret commitment. – which turned out to be the band's debut on TikTok, app that had already helped the song “I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE” go viral, with exclusive live performances.

The Livestream was watched by over a million viewers simultaneously, and the ad video alone has over thirty million visits to the app.

Other than the TikTok live, Måneskin was also photographed for the cover of the Alternative Press magazine, in absolutely stunning photos:

The band stayed two days in Germany and has already left for a new destination..


📌 • June, Netherlands / Holland.

Måneskin's first time in Holland, this is a standing-up celebration!

And a self-respecting artist has to stay in the media. Then, the band visited the Netherlands for a series of exclusive interviews with NP3OFM radio, which you can check out on our YouTube channel:


📌 • June, Sweden.

Can you hear a million voices calling out in the rain? Because I can!

The band visited Sweden to participate in the Lotta på Liseberg festival, where they received a gold record for “Zitti e Buoni”. However, another track from the album 'Teatro D'Ira - Vol. 1’ began to stand out, “I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE” didn't even dream of being a single, and it had already conquered people's hearts, it was on people's lips and they were singing it at the top of their lungs!

Just press play and check out this chorus:

After all, you know your song is a hit when everyone sings it, don't you?

Besides performing at the festival, Måneskin met several fans and shared several photos at the fun fair surrounding the event, and recorded several interviews at an event with FAZ Magazin.


📌 • June, France.

After the controversies involving the French media, obviously France could not be left out.

Almost at the end of June a participation in a French program was inevitable. So, Måneskin was interviewed and performed two songs on the program 'Quotidien'.


📌 • June, Poland.

Closing the adventure of the month of June, Poland set tongues wagging.

Accompanied by the illustrious press conference that accompanied the summer tour, Måneskin was announced as one of the artists to perform at Polsat Festival – a televised music festival in Poland..

With the performance at the festival, Måneskin takes advantage of the visibility to protest in favor of the basic rights of the LGBTQIA+ population, with a kiss between Thomas and Damiano, an act that goes against the impositions of the Polish government - which has long imposed severe restrictions on homosexuals.

Here you have access to the subtitled speech of the protest:


📌 • July - August, Germany.

We're back to the beginning, but not completely!

Starting the month of July, Måneskin performed for new engagements in Germany, including a television program and a spectacular showcase.

First of all, the two great performances of “Zitti e Buoni” and “I Wanna Be Your Slave” on Schlag den Star, a German program.

As far as the showcase is concerned, the quality has been fully delivered – despite the short duration. There were 16 minutes of great music and impeccable performances, besides an exclusive interview.


📌 • August, Czech Republic.

Ready for another festival!

This time the band participated in Rock For People Hope, in the Czech Republic, where they received a Gold certificate for 'Zitti e Buoni' and a platinum certificate for 'I Wanna Be Your Slave'.

An incredible, one-of-a-kind show.


📌 • August, Belgium.

Following their tour of the hottest festivals in Europe, Måneskin had a confirmed presence at the Ronquières Festival, in Belgium. This has become just one of the band's most iconic shows until the publication of this article (and no contrary opinions are accepted).


1 – Damiano throwing himself into the audience

2 – Thomas doing his solo close to the audience

3 – Victoria de Angelis

4 – First show where fans were called on stage

5 – Fan screaming LIVIDI SUI GOMITI in their own language

Still in Belgium, they received the Gold record for “Zitti e Buoni”, and Victoria said that it was the most beautiful sales plaque they had ever received.


📌 • August, Poland.

Did you think they weren't coming back? You got it wrong, they're back in Poland!

And yes, for another festival (this time, without protests)

During the second stay in the country, the band also received the platinum records of “Zitti e Buoni” and “I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE”, without much ceremony. They will return to the festival on June 29, 2022.

Check out some photos of Måneskin during their participation in the Open’Er Festival: