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I Wanna be... your director?

Today we have a new topic in our blog: I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE. Yes! During the year, we’re gonna have a little bit about Måneskin’s behind the scenes.

“I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE” is the 4th song from the album “Teatro D’Ira - Vol. 1’. The video clip, released on July 15th, 2021 was directed by Simone Bozzelli who holds a great career and awards for short films.

In a recent interview, when asked about his experience on filming a video clip (something he wasn’t used to do), he answered:

“That was an amazing experience and I’m happy for filming this video clip with them. I have received many offers, but I try to maintain a consistency with myself. So I choose projects that are meaningful to me and to the way I photograph, I choose themes and stories that respect the thematic coherence that is part of me. Sometimes, to keep my integrity, I said no, which is hard to say, especially considering certain offers. But I said YES to Måneskin, not only because they are the most successful Italian rock band these days , but also because I was totally immersed in their lyrics and themes, which are closely related to me and that, in my opinion, are really interesting themes.”

The invitation came from Aurora Rossomanni, Måneskin’s art director and close friend of Simone Bozzelli.

For a long time, “I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE” was the third most watched Måneskin’s video clip, along with “ZITTI E BUONI”. “Torna a casa” was also chosen by BBC as one of the 10 best songs of the year, going viral on Spotify in more than 20 countries and being the most streamed rock song on this platform. It reached the 8th position on global billboards and more than 90 million views on Youtube.

And, do you think it is over? NOPE.

We also have a capella version, which offers an explanation about the theme that might be a bit confusing for some people:

Technical specifications

Director: Simone Bozzelli

Film director: Gianluca Oliva

Producers: Martino Benvenuti, Flaminia Maltese, Jacopo Pica.

Art director: Aurora Manni, Måneskin

Musical Collection: Gucci


Words: Brasilaine

Translator: Marina de Castro Mahs

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